For Teens, By Teens.



Impact Teens is all about giving back to our community by being a volunteer at the local soup kitchen, habitat for humanity and other community organizations and businesses. We are an organization who loves giving back to those in need, so stay tuned for our annual food, toy and clothing drives.



Impact Teens solves problems, improves the community, and inspires hope. Our organization follows this because one of our goals is to influence our peers to make positive decisions to remain on the correct path to become a successful leader.



Impact Teens does our best to deliver to our city when it comes to special events and programs for teens to be involved in. We are a “make it happen organization”, you suggest something and we will do whatever it takes to make your suggestion become a reality.

Impact Teens Core Commitments


Impact Teens develop leaders. Leadership provides vision and purpose in life through inspiration, dedication, and loyalty. We set positive examples and invest others so that they will follow the guidelines of leadership.


Impact Teens believes that demonstrating a commitment to our communities through compassionate actions and stewardship of time, resources, and talents is what service is all about.


Impact Teens are firm believers that we anticipate change and shape it to fit our purpose. Acknowledging the weaknesses within our communities and figuring strategies to overcome them.

Teens Making An Impact Across The Nation.